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Marc Anthony of Goodfield owns and operates Look Alive Taxidermy and Non Typical Hunter magazine. Anthony grew up in central Illinois and spent eight years as a commercial pilot before giving that up to spend more time with his wife Jan and three children, Victoria, Drake and Elesa. Anthony hunted on and off as a child but started seriously at age 30 and focuses on bowhunting for deer and turkeys. He's arrowed four bucks that meet the Boone and Crockett Club (net) standards and 20 Pope and Young Club qualifiers. Anthony is on the Pro Staff for Muzzy broadheads, Bear Archery, Vital Gear, Natural Predator, Non Typical Hunter and several other companies. He also is a member of the Outdoor writers Association of America, OWAA.


Non-typical Hunter

A Web log by Marc Anthony

Confessions of a Trouble Maker!

June 17, 2010 at 02:01 PM

Wow, what a week! I think we just made history here on PSO. Let me tell you why!

It all started about a month ago when Jeff Lampe came over to my house to drop a head off to get mounted. After taking care of the normal paper work, we started to converse about PSO in general. One thing lead to another and ultimately, we discussed what to do with the posters who try to stir up trouble and post hate mail, so to speak. We agreed that when these things get started, good and bad things happen. On the business side, more traffic is generated which in turn creates more interest. On the negative side, some of our most valuable posters get sick of the nonsense and refrain from coming back. One thing for sure, we don’t want to generate traffic from negative comments nor do we want to have a website where you have to drink 4 cups of coffee just to stay awake while reading here. So I took it upon myself to open up a very controversial subject…politics! Yikes!!!

After careful thought, I began to compose an article related to the subject but I just couldn’t find a way to deliver it. Then low and behold, the article referring to the oil spill hit. Perfect timing! I plugged in the comment “I’ll bet nobody is saying drill baby drill now”.  After I printed that, I thought to myself: How long will it take for someone to bite? I know, I’m a dog but it was time for me to see how a politically stimulated comment would fly here. Why was I wondering? Because I have had dozens of emails, comments, etc. delivered to me where hunters say, “Hey I voted this way but I will get murdered if I say that publically”. Now that’s a shame. I’ve seen some pretty nasty forums where people do every thing but threaten to kill you when speaking of politics. Was I trying to stir up trouble here on PSO by making those provocative arguments? Not at all! I just felt a sense of change among the outdoorsmen/women and wondered how it would weather here on this site. I played devil’s advocate several times in the comment section, enough to stir up anyone’s blood and I have to say, it was the most controlled, educated arguments I think I’ve ever heard…EVER on a internet based media source! What does that say for us? It says that we, as hunters have evolved, at least to a civil point, to respect other’s views and ideas. It also says that most of us are willing to listen and to comment freely without feeling stifled by bitter remarks in return. After typing more provocative remarks, I have to admit, it actually got ME thinking more about the subject. Believe it or not, big corporations PAY individuals to do this! These are “Think Tank Groups”. Through discussion, advocacy and contemplating the individual thoughts, a summary of ideas are captured and put in place.

So, PSO made history right here in Illinois. Congratulations to all who participated and felt comfortable enough to express your true feelings. This could have been a tough one for us all but instead it actually made us stronger. One thing for sure, I have more respect for the people I’ve met here than I have on any other website. Hopefully, we can repeat history again in the future!


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